Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Morning Run

Recently I was out shooting the sun rise at beautiful Elliots Beach, Chennai. The sunrise was beautiful as it always. While I was photographing the sunrise there were people who were going for their morning walk who kept intruding my frame. After I got tired of the same image I looked over and saw a child running  towards me. I quickly framed my shot and waited for him to compete the picture. The moment he reached the bottom thirds I took the photo. The slight slow shutter speed was a happy accident. I think it adds to the image.

Morning Run by Karthik R (RKarthik)) on
Morning Run by R Karthik

For this image I used a FLW filter and a graduated ND filter. I modified the white balance to exaggerate the colours a bit.

Here is another. I followed street photographers advice and stole this one. These two women were waiting for the sun to come up and with the colours and the foot prints I thought it made an interesting composition

Waiting for the Sun by Karthik R (RKarthik)) on
Waiting for the Sun by R Karthik
Until next time happy shooting