Sunday, February 23, 2020

Photos from a recent photos shoot

Recently I was on did a portrait session. The session started off with some simple headshots for the client. One beauty dish on camera left with the strobe at half power. The beauty dish is just of the frame on the camera left


Following this, we did some outdoor shooting before heading back into the studio. I stuck with the same beauty dish this time with casual clothing just moved the light closer to the wall. Below is one image where I made the image by firing the strobe. But it was hurting for the eyes for the client I shot mostly shot using the modeling light, instead of the strobe.
One Light portrait
Beauty dish one light setup

The last setup was even more dramatic one light coming from a 5ft umbrella fired straight at the face at 1/4th power. This produced nice soft light but her hair was blending into the background. 

Dramatic Lighting Portrait
One Flash firing through 5ft umbrella
To overcome this I added a second light at the same power with a really small light modifier about a rectangle lunch box size and moved it behind her to light up the hair to get some separation

That helped produced the below image

Two light setup. Second light to light up the hair to bring separation

Played with dramatic lighting. Share your thoughts on what has been your experience playing with different lights