Sunday, January 6, 2013


Here is another product reviews! Not knowing if I should or should I review a product I decided to follow the +Scott Bourn does for the most part. He does not review products he does not like. So this review is because I really like this product. 

I first heard about this cleaning solution from a photographer who was giving a class. This was one thing which was always in his bag and as far as he was concerned this was the best way to clean a lens. This arouse my curiosity. I called up my camera vendor to check with if had one and it turned out he had lots of them. I immediately purchased one to see if the product is as good as advertised. 

Image Credit:  International Parkside Products Inc.

I tired the lens pen on my cheaper lenses so even if something went wrong I did not mind. I opened it up use the brush side of the pen to clean the dust. Then I used the cleaning solution side to clean and the lens and that was it. The lens was cleaned! 

This was amazing especially after I had trouble cleaning my lenses with cleaning fluids, brushes, cloth, paper. This was easy. If fact it was so much fun I decided to clean all my lenses. Now thanks to my lens pen all my lenses are clean. Do I recommend this product yes I do. This is one of the ways you can clean your lens with ease.