Sunday, August 18, 2013

Project 365

365. As I write these words I am a bit scared. The project is quite simple, make an image every day for one full year. For years I have been putting it off, I have given myself many reasons for putting it off and perhaps the biggest reason is the fear of not being able to complete it. This year I am taking on the challenge. I might fail I might make it but I am going to try. There is no one particular reason I picked this time of the year apart from from a conversation over lunch and I have a few partners in crime who are also trying the same project. A few of them are, in no particular order, RishavAbhishek and  Phani who are equally active and has started the project along with me. (Do stop by and keep encouraging us to continue the project) 

Blooming bouganvilla
Project 365
My mind has already gone numb but, the best part is I have been doing this for a week and I have survived. In case you follow me on Facebook  then you would have noticed that I have been posting an image a day. I usually end up making at least one if not more and upload it to my flickr page on Project 350 set. So Far so good. Some days I made more than one image. 

To motivate myself and keep myself going and to keep my fragile ego intact I have given myself not one but two cheat clauses. Yes two! because two is better than one. The first one is I am not expecting to make a single portfolio piece out of this project, only expecting to make an image a day, hopefully more good than bad. (I am expecting only junk and that is the more likely result) The second clause is the "Week clause" not "weak clause". The "week clause" is, I allow myself to shoot 7 images over the weekend and post them during the week should I get busy during the week unexpectedly or expectedly I have some images in reserve. There are no subjects, lenses or any specifics in mind. In case you have any ideas do send them my way by adding a comment to this blog post or dropping me a message on my Facebook page or on Google+ or filling out the contact form on my website. So wish me luck and hopefully by the end of this photographic year in 2014 I will have at least one image a day.

Here are some images from the week and until next time happy shooting.

So Its about 5
It's About 5.

Retro Button
Instragram Button?
Discipline Never Wears Off
Never Gets Old

Like Silver

Angry Eyes
The Eye's Have It

Train Everyday
Train Everyday