Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Creating a cool look

I was walking through the mall recently and saw this really large poster on the wall which looked like a scene from one of the recent vampire movies. The overall look of the image was blue in colour but the person in the image had almost a normal skin tone.

So I did what any sensible person would do, I went about recreating it. Which lead me to my next obvious question who would be the be willing to be in front of the camera. I reached to a friend who said he could help with a person after some stuff not working out he checked with a few of his friends he said: "hey I know this guy who will come". Felt like a movie dialogue at that point, and I was almost at the point where I was willing to just shoot a scarecrow but he said to have patience. Little did I know the friend he was referring to he was an Instagram Influence. Which I was blissfully not aware of. We had a few conversations about wardrobe and then he showed up. The guy looked like he stepped out of a magazine cover and with a face cut so sharp one could get cuts merely by looking at him, but I digress.

My second challenge was the location. After a bit of location scouting, I finally settled on a park nearby,  which had a lot of trees to create the look of a forest. Also, I was on a budget of nothing so parks worked out just fine.

The trick to the image is white balance. [Warning technical stuff ahead] Normally flash temperature is at 5500K or 6000K which is about the colour temperature of daylight. If you add a gel on it the color temperature shifts. You can shift the white balance number to a higher number or a lower number. For my look, I wanted to get to a white balance of about 3500K. This is done by adding an orange filter on the light also known as a gel.

For the shoot I used this big umbrella was to produce soft light. It looks ridiculous in person but produces beautiful soft light

Now if there is daylight everywhere and if you balance for the orange colour everything will look blue and the person will look normal. If everything is kept normal the person would look like they have jaundice or some disease so don't try this without fixing the white balance. I have been there, does not look good.

The result is what you see below.

Since I was there and with such sharp features I decided to pull off a few more you can check them out here.

Give this a try and post your comments below.