Sunday, August 4, 2013

High Drama?

My experiments with light continue and this time it was the snoot with a honeycombe grid and a GOBO (Go between) on top of it made with newspaper. This time however I had a partner in crime, one half of the amazing duo of Going Bananas Photography Abhimanyu Sharma. The lighting setup was very simple - one light

Light Diagram

The result is a very dramatic image. There are small streaks of shadows on the cheek and the forehead which was created due to the Gobo. Since there is no fill light there is only one side of the face which is exposed. The fall off is also quite dramatic. The distance between the face and the light is about 4 to 5 cm. A great expression and the photo is complete. The imaged looked like a poster so I tired my hand at making it into one.

The Final Image. The Man Himself Abhimanyu Sharma