Sunday, February 11, 2018

My experience working with three photography software's

If you recall I had been testing three photo editing software . The is because Lightroom no longer supports the desk standard alone version. My experience of working with all three if them was amazing. I found myself gettting lost in editing in all three software 

I am putting things I like of Capture One and OnOne Raw software and where I wished I gad another tool. The review is not in any order of preference but there is a point to note that the I use Lightroom and have been for many years. So i am very fluent in using it. I am not getting paid for any of these so let's get started 

Capture one.
My honest review love it. This software has a bit of a learning curve but  thanks to this tutorial I found online I was able to work with it quite easily.

I found it deals with photos in a really well something The changes I made were subtle and gradual. This was something I really loved. I could edit a photo a lot and then see that I had not gone overboard. It was great for both landscape and portrait but it is a real bomb when it comes to portraits. The skin retouching tool is amazing but I could not control the opacity of the retouch in some cases. 

It has a feature where you can see  what area of the photo is in focus. So when working with really shallow depth of field this a very quick way of culling images which are out of focus. That is simply amazing

It's raw and colour engines are really awesome. It also keeps images sharp which is really helpful for printing. The way it works with lens distort, wow! And picking out the right lens correction really good.

The software is built to work very well with PhaseOne Caperas but it really works very well as an editing tool for all other camera. In case you are a Sony camera shooter this comes as your default tool!!!

There were a few areas I found the software wanting. It takes up a lot of memory. So you would need a relatively fast machine for this software. Second the many recipes or custom solutions out of the box were not so many. The gradient tool and masking tools were not as good as the other software especially when I had to be precise. There is definitely a learning curve when working with this software. Overall once you get used to editing on this, there is no reason to go anywhere. If there is one complaint and it is really not a complaint, sometimes, I wanted to increase saturation and this software over-saturation is difficult to do

On one raw or should I say oh my raw. What software. On One is relatively new to the raw game but the raw processing engine damm its good. I have been using OnOne for some time now with Lightroom but now it is a full workflow solution. The number of editing options are mind boggling and amazing. The selective masking just for colours or for defining masks. The software is extremely intuitive. There are so many tools which just work. Clone stamp dust removal all super easy to use. Be it portrait or landscapes though I found myself gravitating more  for landscape photos than portrait. 

There were a few things I found the software could be better at. The tool goes zero to sixty super fast. Its very easy to go overboard with saturation contrast and haze and all the tools. For my taste I prefer low contrast images which I can do very well in Lightroom and Capture One but in this I found my photos having too much contrast. Any edits I performed the shadow details tended to disappear. Having said that the shadow and mid's slider wow really good. The highlight slider is okay. A bit more annoying thing. Metadata tagging implementation can be better. I would also like to store the IPCT bit which I found myself adding each time I exported the images. [This fix is coming in an upcoming release]. Another thing was I could not specify which folder I would like to export the images. I prefer to export my images to a specific folder withing the RAW folder with a specific name. That I could not do intuitively Lens correction was another problem. It picked that i have a Nikkor Lense but did not automatically pick up the lens. I had to manually pick it.

Overall for this price I don't think  there is better software for this price. Given the innovation and improvements they are making and the pace, I won't be surprised if they overtake Lightroom really fast.The software also has an inbuilt HDR mode for bracketed images as well as an experimental panorama software. Speaking of panorama, if you are looking for free panorama software check out Image Composite Editor it is really good!!! I am very close to putting money down for this software, I think I am just going to wait and see the new innovations they are making before putting money in this software.

Here is an image I editing used Capture One, OnOne and Lightroom

Costal view
Capture One Edited

Somewhere near Dubrovnik.
OnOne Edited

Lightroom Edited

Some edited images fron OnOne Raw

_DSC14300 copy

DSC_68600 copy

DSC_69010 copy

DSC_74120 copy

Photos edited using Capture One

DSC_00250 copy

DSC_00281 copy

Bridge at Dubrovnik



Let me if you have had any experience with this software by adding your comments below