Sunday, April 14, 2013

Amazing Album Making Software

Photography is so much about how you present your photos. Print is one of the ways to present your creations and an album, a great way to treasure many memories in one single place. Even though we live in the digital age but there is something about a tangible album in your hands which is something you can never replace with images on-line. In case you are wedding photographer this is particularly true. I personally don't shoot many wedding but this is part of the package from my side whenever I photograph a wedding. The biggest problem of course is making the album. I am not very good at making an album and after trying various services, including finding a designer to make my album and being hopeless dissatisfied I came upon  FotoFusion by LumaPix. The product came highly recommended by David Ziser. (He is one of the top notch wedding photographers in the US if not the world. If you are photographer his site has great information and If you are a wedding photographer you should definitely follow him. His site is gold mine with so many nuggets of information) Needless to say, not did I try it, I have purchased it and the software has paid for itself.

The software is extremely easy to use and is a non destructive way of making albums. I was able to make an album in a matter of hours instead of days. (Which was my previous record by the way.) The pre loaded templates are a great place to start and my albums came out looking great. There are many borders and frames and pre loaded goodies which make album making a joy. The software is quite fast, in fact I was running a 32 bit machine with 2 GB RAM  with a core 2 duo and a 1 GB graphics card and the software performed really well. Now that I am running faster machine the software is super fast.

Image Credit : LumaPix

Image Credit : LumaPix
The export to a shareable web album is a great way to share your work. With smart phones in almost everyone hands this is a another cool feature to have. Here a sample album from their site Click to view. If you want to stand out from the competition this is one great way to do so.

Image Credit : LumaPix

You can make an album with one dimension and edit it to another size, which is perfect if you want to bundle a package of albums the big ones for the couples and the smaller size ones for the family. Or a flip book they can carry around everywhere. You don't have to redesign the album every single time just resize the page export and its done. 

There is a flip side to this. The software scales up canvas sizes better than scaling down. So if you are bundling many different album sizes then make the album in the smallest size and scale up before exporting. In case you scale down and the images become dis-proportionate. The software does give you a prompt. However, I found most  images were required to be resized when I scaled down. This may be a problem at my end. I did not check with the LimaPix on this.(Disclaimer out of the way)

Continuing with the good stuff, my favourite feature, though I can't pick one is but, if I had to pick one it would be moving photos and adding and removing photos. If it was not for FotoFusion I would have been tearing my hair out every time the client asked for a change. 

In the past even when I worked with the designer  I saw him pulling his hair out when changes after changes were requested. So if you use the software you can make the changes fast and be done with few simple clicks. The turn around time is next to nothing and makes you look super professional. Guess who just got recommended for another job.

Now don't think this is just for the working pro. I am working on a photo book from my recent travels and I am using Fotofusion to make a photo book. Its a great way to share your memories. Don't take my word for it try the software. Its free to try with all the features. Only when you export there is water mark.  

If you are someone who loves to make albums or your job requires you make albums this is one of the best ways to get the job done. Its fast, easy to use and making albums is a joy filled experience. If you run a studio, then this is one investment worth making.

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