Sunday, December 27, 2015

Amazing visualization in Gerua

"Photography is a small voice, at best, but sometimes one photograph, or a group of them, can lure our sense of awareness." - W. Eugene Smith

This quote describes what photographers try and do when they are making an image. One of the things photographers struggle with is inspiration. One of the ways I keep myself inspired is to watch videos and if I like something I try and break it down to get inspired and try it out myself.

Recently I was seeing this beautiful visual treat called "Gerua" from the movie "Dilwale". This song has some amazing composition, but this video had amazing attention to detail. Sure there are some flaws and if you looked close enough you would find them but as a package it is a visual treat.

A lot of effort is involved in the process of making a video. The actors, singers the director but also the many technicians who work behind the scene to make the whole thing look awesome. This is one such video.

There are many beautiful guides and I am sure I would miss a few but here are few that I saw. The video starts with the rule of thirds. (Note : If you break down the visual plain like a tic-tac board it will look like this.)

Rule of thirds

At the start of the video Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) starting at the left thirds (0:06 sec) and then the next shot of Kajol is of her on the right corner.(0:09 sec to 0:11 sec). Great use of the  rule of thirds composition guide.

Shah Rukh Khan on the left thirds line

Kajol on the right thirds line
If you take a look at the image of Kajol you will also notice that she is very well lit. By the looks of it she seems to be looking into the direction of the sun. The light is coming from behind camera towards the left. Another thing you will notice is that the background behind her is clean. No distractions.

The use of thirds is actually throughout the video and I decided not to keep a count, but here is another example

Shah Rukh Khan on left thirds

As you continue on the visual journey there are beautiful images with great balance. There is balance in terms of objects and colour. You can also see it in the image above. The rock formations balance each other out or the image would look heavy on the left.

The other aspect of balance is that of colour. The choice of colour is in contrast with the background. Take a look at the still below. In this you can see that Kajol is off centre (rule of thirds again) and the yellow draws the viewers attention into the scene. Most of the scene is monochrome but she is the only one in colour so there is contrast. However, the colour is not so strong that it draws attention away from her face. Lot of thought went into that. So in essence the first thing you will see is her face and you will find it very difficult to see anything else in the image below.

Kajol on right thirds
Lets take a look at the next shot. Though they are wearing colours similar to the background there is a use of the white boat to break the image and it draws attention to the actors. The orange in the dress draws the views attention into the scene. It is almost like an arrow which is pointing to the actors.. This works well with the orange sky. As you take a look at the scene you will notice in the background there is this small rock formation. Wow now that is attention to detail. That rock adds balance to the couple and to the whole visual scene. (Did I mention the rule of thirds?)

So when you take a look at the image below you cannot but help notice the two of them. Then you will see the splendour of the background and then come back and see the two of them. The posing of the two adds to the romance of the visual.

Beautiful couple composition

Talking about romance, the typical waterfall romance shot is up next. This shot has great balance. When you first see the image below your attention will go to the background which has a lot green which is a primary colour but, the red saree which is another primary colour, draws the viewer attention to the actors.

Then you will notice SRK with his blue. The blue complements the red and adds balance to the red. This helps them stand out from the background and balance each other out. They are a bit off centre (rule of thirds) and the two colours red and blue complement each other making it great visual. What's more the waterfall balances them in the scene thereby not making the scene not too heavy on one side. The icing on the cake, the rainbows act like arrow leading the views attention to the couple.

Check out the video below and see what can you see in terms of composition, Do share your comments below. I would love to here from you.

You can also see the behind the scenes of the video and it will only increase your apprication for the work that has gone into making this video