Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Why Use Strobes?

 This post is a continuation of the previous post which I had done on balancing ambient light with strobes.

Below is a classic example of why one would need to use flash and balance it with ambient light. The basic thumb rule is you are limited to the sync speed of the camera which is about 1/200 of a sec. The other two are shutter controls the ambient light and the aperture controls light of the strobe. For the photographs below I was at F8 with a shutter speed of 1/125 at ISO 200. We get a slightly overexposed imaged for the outside but the inside is all dark. If you notice the ceiling on the inside you can see I have switched on all the lights but it is of no use.

Only Ambient Light

For the image below I used two strobes  and bounced the light to bring the exposure on the inside to F8. One strobe was aimed at the man and other at the celling. The photograph below looks more natural, something our eye would see but, this is something the camera cannot capture. This is one of the reasons to use strobes and balance it with ambient light.

Ambient Light With Stobe

Blow is another example how you can use flash. If you look at the lamp in the photograph below it looks like it is on. When I switched it on it was powerless. The light was not enough from the lamp to show up in the image as I was using a strobe to light up the room. To make the lamp look like it is on I hid a hide a flash inside it and set it on its lowest power. There is a small snoot aimed at the coffee cup and the try with a grid on it to give it a bit of punch.  The photo looks natural light shot but it is not! (three lights in this photo. One aimed at the ceiling to light up the room, one for the lamp and one for the coffee try.)

Lamp With Hidden Flash

Until next time happy shooting.