Sunday, December 2, 2012

Camera Strap Review

I normally don't do reviews but this last week I had the opportunity to test out a camera strap. The camera strap is a cheap replica of the Black Rapid's R strap. After using the camera strap which comes bundled with the camera and then using this, I am now convinced that camera manufactures should bundle this instead of the strap they normally bundle with the camera. 

The camera strap has a rubber plated metal plate which gets attached to the tripod screw mount. The strap then gets attached to the plate and then you wear it over your shoulder. This is perhaps the more important part. Sometime the photography assignments last a whole day and the last thing that you want to do is put a lot of stress on the neck muscle. Some of you may be carrying your camera all day especially on vacation this is something you may have faced. At the end of the day the neck feels heavy. With this strap the weight of the camera and the lens is put on the bigger muscles of the body namely the shoulder and the back muscles which have more carrying capacity so to speak. Another thing to note is the back of your neck is where the spinal cord connects to the rest of the body. Not a good place to have a lot of weight.

The strap is not so expensive and is worth the purchase as health is more important than  anything else. Now if you do not have this kind of a strap use your camera strap on a diagonal manner such that the strap goes over your shoulder. This was a technique which a lot of photographers used to use before these straps became available. There are some waste straps out there which do the same thing of putting the weight on the muscles bigger muscles. Which ever way you use the strap try and get is off the back of your neck.

Happy shooting.