Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Portrait Session Over a Cup of Coffee

Recently a friend came over for a cup of coffee and what was a casual meeting turned into a portrait session. The was an interesting one as he was not expecting an elaborate session. A lot of times when I do the session the lighting gear becomes very intimidating partly because there is so much of it. I have had varying reactions when I have done these session ranging from extended periods of shock to curiosity (mostly from Kids who forget about all the equipment and get busy in their own world. Once they get engaged in what ever they are doing they give one of the most endearing expressions.)

Grown ups are no different from kids, they just pretend to be mature, including yours truly. Once my friend was comfortable with the surrounding it was just a matter of get the poses done and create a compelling story. This pose is one of my favourites.  Partly because this is how people are prepare for a formal photo shoot and it tells a story of a person getting ready for something.

The coat and tie were supplied by yours truly and a great expression form the subject and the story is complete. The photo was created with two lights on camera right. One was the main light and one was for the hair and shoulders (a 20 degree grid was placed on that). A diffuser as background and a reflector on the right used as fill. Enjoy.