Sunday, October 28, 2012

Creating Dramatic Sky's with Filters

Recently I was out and about in the streets of Gurgaon doing some photography of architecture and wanted to create some images with nice dramatic sky's. As the sun started to set I did not get the beautiful deep reds you get at sun-set time. Anyone who has visited Gurgaon would know that the place is notorious for its ugly greyish blue sky's, sometimes even on clear days!. Solution - Filters. I had brought along my graduated sunset filter. Just put the filter in front of the lens and the sky goes from being boring and dull to dramatic pink or orange. Thought the below image could have be edited and created in post processing I was not keen on editing the images on my system.

What you see below are the same images with minor differences in white balance. The one with a pinkish shade has a florescent white balance while the one with the orange colour has a daylight white balance. (These images are strait out of the camera with only change of white balance in post processing.)

Slight change in WB