Thursday, January 11, 2018

How to get really amazing shots of wedding ring

Wedding rings are without doubt really beautiful. A lot of thought goes into selecting one no matter how simple or complicated the design. As a photographer I am looking to capture the special feeling which goes into selecting these rings.

Though I don't really photograph wedding a lot I did get a chance to photography this couple for pre-wedding shoot and they showed these beautiful engagement rings .

I wanted to create something really special for these two. So I did what any I do when I feel I need answers to earth shattering questions like why is the sky blue? or why the grass is green or in this case I need ideas to make these rings look awesome and capture a special feeling.

I scoured the internet for ideas, I searched and searched after going through many, many, ideas for wedding photo ideas I finally ended up with the images below. I personally love it because it this had multiple layers to it. For this I use two flashes, a macro camera locked on manual focus and some water spray going off.

The flash's are is on either side of the ring and one of them is gelled in yellow to exaggerate the gold colour. The reflective surface is a simple aluminium foil borrowed from the kitchen.

Engagement rings

Here is another various of the image with a different white balance.. You can find more on my flickr page by clicking on the image

Beautiful wedding rings

The technique I found of F-stoppers Youtube channel. They break it down really simply check it out in the video below at 3 minute mark. The technique I have used is a slight modified version of what they have done. My flashes are placed on the sides of the rings with no diffusion for an image which gives a bit more contrast while the F-stoppers are front and back with diffusion on the front. I love their imagery as well. As the saying copying is the highest form of flattery

Let me know how you found the image and any wedding ring image ideas you have by adding you comments below.