Saturday, October 7, 2017

Making the most of technology

Recently I came across this short film, 9 mins 21 sec to be precise about a super-hero. While the movie drew me into it I was really fascinated by what was happening behind the scenes

Here is the link to the movie. Enjoy. Once you are done seeing it head over the bottom where I have where you will find the video to the behind the scenes.

Damm was that movie intense even if was for just 9 mins and 21 sec. Lets jump into the videos which the produces have shared

The Car Scene
The situation is simple two guys travelling in a car. However, if one was to make this on the busy streets you would require permits and have the street locked down while you make the film. Not only is that more difficult it is also very expensive. Then you would require really large equipment in terms of lighting and camera's just to shoot the video. 

The lighting equipment is required to put consistent light on the characters face and special stabilisation is required to get steady footage of for the film. When it comes to film making even if you drive on simple road it is really bumpy so the camera shakes beyond control which does not make for great viewing. Hence all the stabilisation equipment which is fixed to the car or a trolley so on and so forth.

The Hospital Scene 
This is one of my favourites, because this is working with minimum things and making magic happen. The behind the scene shows a room which is a normal living room which is transformed into a hospital room. The solution was very simple, move things out, put a hospital bed in the location and then use colour grading which is playing with white balance and swapping a few colours to change the mood of the scene. 

View Outside the Window
This is fully CG.They are doing what is known as composite, where they are layering many things into a single scene.

Here is the link to the Facebook page of the movie

Let me know what you think, what did you see or if you found something interesting yourself share it by adding it in the comments.