Sunday, January 27, 2013

Photographing the Schmidt Memorial

One of the prominent landmarks of  Chennai is the Schmidt Memorial which is located in Edward Elliot's Beach also know as "Besant Nagar Beach". This landmark is dedicated to a sailor who lost his life trying to save drowning swimmer. 

This Memorial which is a part of the history of the city lies in ruins. It is in disrepair, with graffiti on its walls and mostly reduced to a public urinal. I always try and photograph this monument every time I visit Chennai and its always a challenge, this time however, it was quite sad to see the state of affairs. I found it strange that I was the lone photographer photographing and the even overheard some people make comments as to what was so special about this Memorial.

The following photograph was made at sunset when the flood lights come on and light up the white memorial and the sunset orange faded away to a bluish colour tone in the sky. If you look closely you will find star trails as its a 30 sec exposure. The image looks ghostly and abandoned though the beach is bustling with life.

Schmidt Memorial
Schmidt Memorial

Perhaps its a reflection of our times where the new is so busy in self it forgets its past. I found this following scene a bit ironic.

Begging for attention

State of disrepair.
Here are a few more images from the beautiful beach.
End of day
Boats on a beach

The sea
The Sea
Log of wood
Waiting for the Sea

Log of wood
A Log of wood
Happy shooting.