Saturday, November 17, 2012

Impact of shape of Aperture on Out of Focus Highlights

It was a great festive week and the usual fireworks and lights filled the surroundings.  It was a great time to do some experiments with out of focus highlights. I pulled out my LensBaby and put in the star and heart shaped apertures to get different looking highlights in the bokeh. Normally the highlights created are circular. The reason for this that the blades of a the aperture are rounded, hence the out of focus highlights are round. Back in the day when the aperture blades were not rounded we would actually get highlights with sharp edges. This was because the blades formed a polygon rather than a circle. So many times the highlights would be hexagonal or some other polygon shape.

Now days the lenses are beautifully designed and the blades are rounded so the out of focus area gives nice rounded highlights. This is usually considered more pleasing as the aperture in our eyes (the iris) is circular and we see circular out of focus highlights with our eyes.

However when it comes creativity one can take some liberties and so I figured it would be fun to have heart shaped out of focus areas. Here are some photos from the shoot
Diwali Diya with heart bokeh

Heart Shaped Bokeh

Star shaped Bokeh