Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lensbaby Romance Continues...

After having clicked photos with the Lensbaby composer for a while my fascination for this lens has only increased, so it was only natural to try out the various optics attachments which come with this piece of glass. After having used the double glass optic it was time to try the single glass optic. The challenge of photographing with the lens baby still remains, -- manual selective focus and no light meter to determine exposure-- but, when the images come out the way you imagine it, the results are really simply dreamy. I have played around with Gimp and Photoshop but the results I get with this glass is not possible to create. At least for me :)

Through the lights

I am quite sure someone out there would be able recreate this effect that Lensbabies produce, but somehow the joy of getting it in camera is far more satisfying to me as a photographer than creating it in software.

Here are some photos from this dreamy lens. 

PS: Lensbabies are not lenses for clicking photos of babies. They are optics made by a company called Lensbaby. Though one can use these to click photos of babies :)