Sunday, August 26, 2012

Photoshop and Beauty

Photo editing has always been part of photograph. The photographers have been doing since the film days. Even painters have been doing it, well at least I think so. Which is why all portraits paintings I have seen have been perfect. I am sure they also must have had bad hair days and had pimples. Now I have nothing against Photoshop or people using it to make people look awesome. It's an artist vision and if makes a person feel great, then sure why not. Sometimes with Photoshop one can match the vision a person has about themselves with the image in front of them. I have no problem with this either.

As far as I am concerned, I stay away from Photoshop, I personally prefer photographing than editing images (I may be hopeless horrible at it too). Apart from removing pimples and adjusting contrast and saturation I don't visit Photoshop. In fact I don't use it that often except when I am doing compositing. Pimples are taken care of in Lightroom. The problem I have is when beauty magazines and cosmetic companies use it and show people a picture which is not true. (when I use not true I am being polite here.)

The miraculous removal of wrinkles, the lighting of colour tone of skin is all Photoshop or After effects or some awesome photo/video editing software. Now this may be true for some cosmetics and they may have scientific evidence to prove it even, but for the commercial its not true. ( Next time notice the shoulders of a skin whiting product that also becomes lighter. Dead give away) 

The body structure is also adjusted to make people look more awesome. Now they have been doing it in the past and they will continue to do it in the future. What people should know the image is Photoshopped. The expectations of beauty has become quite unreasonable and people should not feel depressed that they don't have that perfect shape.

Celebrities need to look like that because its their job. What you don't see the hard work and sometimes side affect they have to endure on health because they can't age or look imperfect. Staying healthy is more important. It's okay not look perfect, people come in all shapes and sizes and that's what makes us unique.

Check out the following videos to have an idea of how much of Photoshop is used in commercials. (I think this will quality as my first official rant)