Sunday, March 3, 2013

Photographing The Crew At Oravel

Its not often that you get to work with highly energetic people trying to shake up an industry they work in but that was what was in store for me recently. I had an opportunity to photograph one of the youngest CEO's in the country Ritesh Agarwal. (Don't go by the looks he is still in his teens.) His journey in becoming the founder of the company is actually quite fascinating and if you do get a chance to meet him and his not running around trying to get a lot of stuff done do sit down with a cup of coffee with him (He is under-aged as of now, so no adult beverages) and get him to tell you about his journey, its really interesting.  His right hand man Anuj Tejpal is equally interesting and the energy flows through the crew working on this project.

Fun people make for a great shoot. The office had a nice textured wall which made my job as photographer easy not having to set up one. I set up light with a 30 degree grid for the background for the separation and a simple umbrella for key light. First I fired the strobe but it was too powerful so I could not get the effect I wanted. Since I was working in a tight working space and did not have a lot of light modifiers I used the modelling lap instead. I  pushed the ISO up to get a good exposure. The rest was just easy as I did not have to try too hard to get great expressions out of them.

Anuj Tejpal
Ritesh Agarwal

The group shot was a bit of challenge to light. I used a 5 ft octa on camera left to light the location. The light was aimed diagonally to get a nice spread of light. Once was the light was set a minor posing instruction and wola the shot was done.

Crew At
[Non Photography Note]

There is always something romantic about the idea of starting something new or coming up with an idea which sparks the imagination, perhaps that's what fuels a lot of people to think that being an entrepreneur is awesome. The thought that you are your own boss and the future is bright. There are other who have walked that path and say its ridden with thorns and everyone is your boss. Everyday is a challenge, with moments where you just want to pull your hair out of not getting things done the way you want to, letting go of people for various reason. Sometimes you don't always make it to the finish line and see your cherished idea burn to the ground and others talking of how hard it is to pick yourself up after that. In spite of all this non of them would trade their days at a start-up. For now though this is the last thing on young minds at the crew at, for them its still that romantic dream we hear of and talk about.