Sunday, December 16, 2012

Wedding Shot on an I-Phone

Most photographers are gear crazy. (Myself included) If we could have all the camera's in the world and all the lenses and all the various attachments it would be perfect. However, as the saying goes the best camera is the one which you have in your pocket and it is about vision not about the gear. Well last week I found myself drooling over some really expensive gear and wishing I could have that. Then I after some time I was reading a blog about a wedding shot on an I-phone on Jerry Ghionis blog.

Photo of I-phone courtesy Apple
Before I proceed further, a bit about Jerry - He is an international award winning photographer from Australia and his work in one word - AWESOME (or to borrow the phrase from a Hindi movie - Mind blasting!). If you are a wedding photographer then he is one to follow. He uses light in the most beautiful way. Though he shoots with a pro body Nikon D3s he uses light to make his images stand out.

He is also a teacher and like all good teachers he tells his students, its about the person behind the camera not the camera that makes stunning images. Since it is difficult to sell that concept when you are yourself shoot with the best possible gear available on the market, he under took an exercise and photographed an entire wedding with an I-phone (apart from shooting with his D3s). Then he entered it in a competition and it came 4th overall. (By the way he also won that competition with another entry) So how good were the photos. The following is the link to this particular post. You take a look and judge for yourself. I think you will start believing gear is great but vision is better.

PS I am personally not an I-phone fan and neither am I asking you to purchase one. However, if you have a great camera in your phone, be it an I-phone, Samsung or Nokia go out and take photos with that and see how far you can take it. Happy shooting.